More and more casinos are encouraging their clients to use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin instead of the usual methods of credit or debit card. More and more players are seeing the advantages of using cryptocurrencies. One of the reasons is that they are so easy to use. You will need to have a virtual wallet and then once you have set up our virtual wallet, all your transactions will go through that wallet.

Another reason to use a cryptocurrency when playing mobile casino games is because they allow the player anonymity. More valid reasons are because they are safe, secure and efficient to use. Also, the player can request that the winnings go to an address of his choice.

When playing crypto mobile casino games, you first bonus will usually be a non deposit bonus. A non deposit bonus is a bonus you are given just for joining that particular casino. You do not need to make a deposit to start playing for free using real money which is given to you just to try out the games. Whenever you win any money, you will keep the amount which you have won as long as you have satisfied the wagering requirements. To satisfy the wagering requirements, you will have to check the rules of the game but what this usually means is that by taking the free money you will have to bet a certain amount of money from your winnings before you can actually withdraw any money you have made through winnings.

After the non deposit bonus, you will usually be awarded a percentage of your first deposit as extra money to play with, as usually occurs with second and third deposits too. Apart from these bonuses, some casinos also have daily bonuses, weekly bonuses and monthly bonuses. These can be of help to you when playing your mobile casino games because they will give you more money to play with. Always check what the wagering requirements are as each crypto mobile casino varies from one to another.

Basically, online companies give their players lots of promotions to encourage them to play the games on their sites. For the player this is an advantage as he is given more money to play with and consequently more time to be able to play and to lengthen his games. Also he is being given money to practise with before he begins to use his own money.